West Allis and Greenfield will combine health departments

New Partnership: The Southwest Suburban Health Department Brings Together Greenfield and West Allis for Better Health Outcomes

The Greenfield Health Department and the West Allis Health Department have merged to form the Southwest Suburban Health Department, a new organization that will serve both cities for five years. This move was announced by the mayors of both cities, who expressed their excitement about the collaborative relationship between the two departments.

The merger of these two health departments will result in increased efficiency, better communication, and more robust services for residents within these jurisdictions. The Southwest Suburban Health Department will be jointly funded by both cities and will also receive grants from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services.

The mission of this new department is to improve the health and wellbeing of Wisconsinites through education and disease prevention, while promoting diversity, connection, and partnership. The streamlined delivery of community and environmental health services that will be offered by the Southwest Suburban Health Department is designed to benefit all residents served by the department.

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