Richarlison of Tottenham reveals he experienced depression after Brazil’s 2022 World Cup elimination: ‘I felt like quitting’

From Goal Scorer to Open-Minded Advocate: Richarlison’s Journey with Depression and Therapy”.

Brazil forward Richarlison revealed in a recent interview that he struggled with depression following the 2022 World Cup. The 26-year-old was the leading scorer for Brazil in the tournament, scoring three goals in four appearances before they were eliminated by Croatia in the quarter-finals.

In an emotional conversation with ESPN Brasil, Richarlison shared that he confided in his father about his struggles and sought therapy to help him cope. He described the emotional toll of the World Cup exit, saying it felt “worse than losing a family member.” Richarlison also opened up about the pressure and expectations that came with wearing Brazil’s famous No. 9 shirt and being their primary goal scorer.

Richarlison had previously mentioned in September that he was dealing with off-the-field issues and would be seeking psychological help. He emphasized the importance of seeking help and spoke about the positive impact therapy had on his mental well-being. The footballer encouraged others in the sport to be open to seeking help if they felt they needed it, acknowledging that therapy had been life-saving for him.

Reflecting on his initial reluctance to seek therapy, Richarlison admitted that he had prejudices and misconceptions about mental health support. However, he now sees the importance and benefits of therapy, calling it the best discovery he has ever made in his life. Richarlison’s candid discussion about his struggles with depression and the positive impact of therapy has sparked conversations about mental health in the football community.

The 26-year-old’s journey has been a difficult one but also one of self-discovery and growth. His willingness to open up about his struggles has helped break down stigmas surrounding mental health and encouraged others to seek help when needed.

Richarlison’s performance on field may have been impressive but it’s clear that off field challenges played a significant role in shaping him as a person both on and off field.

It’s important to recognize that mental health is just as important as physical fitness, especially for athletes who face immense pressure and expectations from fans, media, teammates, coaches, sponsors, etc.

As we look forward to future World Cup tournaments we should remember Richarlison’s journey as an example of how even top performers can struggle with depression or anxiety.

It’s crucial for everyone involved in sports – players, coaches, managers – to create an environment where people feel comfortable seeking help when needed rather than feeling ashamed or stigmatized for doing so.

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