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Spring Creek: A Visual Evidence of Licking’s Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Environmental Impact

Spring Creek, located near Licking’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, is a testament to the effectiveness of the plant in removing waste from the community’s waterways. During a recent field trip, Mrs. Candice Shepherd’s fourth grade classes were able to witness firsthand the impact of the treatment plant on their local environment.

The students had been studying watersheds, sinkholes, and drainage systems in their science classes, making the trip to the wastewater treatment plant a perfect addition to their curriculum. The plant plays a crucial role in processing community wastewater and purifying it before it is released back into natural waterways.

During the tour, City Utilities employee Derek Hammond guided the students through the plant and explained the various purification filters and pumps used in the process. The students learned about the three purification methods – chemical, physical, and biological – with Licking’s plant utilizing a 21-day rotation for purification without the use of chemicals.

Hammond took time to answer questions from mist flies that could be found in one of pumping sheds. He also emphasized that people should be mindful about what they put into sewer systems, such as personal hygiene products, clothing, and toys.

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