Richarlison contemplated quitting football after experiencing post-World Cup depression | Football

Overcoming the Pressures of World Cup Loss: Richarlison’s Journey to Mental Health and Wellness

Brazilian forward Richarlison, who plays for Tottenham, recently shared that he experienced depression following his country’s quarter-final loss to Croatia at the 2022 World Cup. After being captured in a vulnerable moment on the bench during a 2026 World Cup qualifier, Richarlison decided to seek psychological help. This decision was made after considering quitting football altogether.

Despite initial challenges at Spurs, Richarlison has found success this season, scoring 11 goals in 26 appearances. Reflecting on his struggles, he revealed feeling lost and wanting to give up after the World Cup. However, he realized that seeking therapy could provide him with the support and guidance needed to overcome his difficult period.

Richarlison encouraged others to seek help if needed, emphasizing the benefits of opening up to a professional who can provide support and guidance. He expressed gratitude for the positive impact therapy had on his life and highlighted the importance of mental health care in sports and beyond. Despite facing criticism for his performance at the World Cup, Richarlison remained focused on improving himself both on and off the field.

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