Omaha City Council to Review Little Bohemia Business Improvement District Proposal

Little Bohemia’s Rise in Commerce Brings New Challenges and Safety Concerns: How a BID is Addressing These Issues in Omaha

The historic Little Bohemia neighborhood in Omaha is experiencing growth with the addition of new businesses and apartments. However, this growth comes with concerns over accessibility and safety, particularly due to an increase in traffic. Sheet Metal Works business owner Dave Hempel has noticed a rise in trucks coming to the area daily, leading to potential issues with unloading.

The Business Improvement District (BID) has recognized these concerns and aims to address them with improvements. The new board will prioritize better lighting, improved parking options, and creating additional spaces for parking outside the main corridor. Streetscapes will also be enhanced to help control traffic flow and create a safer environment for everyone in the area.

Chicago Lumber owner Rick Hullinger recognizes the importance of these enhancements as the neighborhood continues to expand. He supports the efforts of the BID to make Little Bohemia a more vibrant and safer community for all residents and businesses.

City councilmembers are set to review and potentially approve the BID at an upcoming meeting, signaling progress towards making Little Bohemia a more livable community for all. With these improvements, residents can feel confident that their safety is a top priority while also enjoying all that this growing neighborhood has to offer.

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