Grinding Technologies Prepares Producers for Business enterprise Challenges

Fritz Studer AG’s Thun, Switzerland headquarters was the web page of its annual Motion Meeting on February ten, 2023. The theme of this year’s occasion was “Expedition 2023.”

Fritz Studer AG, a United Grinding enterprise, held its annual Motion Meeting on February ten, 2023, at its Thun, Switzerland headquarters. The occasion revolved about the theme of “Expedition 2023.” This was fitting, as an expedition’s accomplishment is oftentimes determined by the team’s preparation, and Studer’s solutions aim to prepared makers for prospective uncharted waters in 2023 and beyond.

The press conference integrated an overview of Studer’s 2022 overall performance. It was the company’s third-very best year for order intake, stated CSO Sandro Bottazzo. Stability in the majority of the company’s finish markets (tooling, die/mold, machine manufacturing and precision engineering) offset a downturn in the automotive sector. Studer handled the year’s provide chain issues by means of developing powerful partnerships with suppliers, applying a danger management strategy by dual or multi-sourcing, and coordinating its engineering and acquiring departments. Its in-residence vocational coaching plan (trainees account for extra than 11% of the company’s workforce) and plans to constantly update its facilities (spindle and shaft manufacturing are scheduled to be updated in 2023, and warehousing and transportation will be revamped by 2025) are assisting it deal with the ongoing labor shortage, as getting updated facilities can attract and retain personnel.

Robot arm machine tending a grinding machine

Studer’s roboLoad is a robotic automation technique for its S121, S131 and S141 grinding machines. Customers can set it up with out programming expertise and obtain unattended machining time more than extended breaks and evening shifts. Photo Credit: Fritz Studer AG

Studer’s solutions also aim to aid customers prepare for a variety of enterprise situations. The occasion placed a certain concentrate on automation systems that can aid customers implement unattended machining on its grinding machines.

The easyLoad, compatible with the S31, S33, S22, and S41 grinding machines, utilizes an adjustable conveyor to automate production of a maximum of 50 workpieces ranging to 300 mm with a length of 30 mm and diameter of 50 mm, providing makers a half-hour or extra of unattended production. For S22 customers who make larger volumes of components, the enterprise provides the ecoLoad, which utilizes either a carousel magazine or a prisma loader with a V-gripper. For larger-volume production, the uniLoad docks to S31 and S33 machines and utilizes a prismatic conveyor and rack to deliver roughly an hour of unattended production. The smartLoad, with its compact conveyor swiveling unit, provides a number of configuration choices for elevated flexibility to automate massive and tiny volumes of tiny components on the S11. Studer also provides a robotic automation technique named the roboLoad. This external loading technique for the S121, S131 and S141 involves a gripper, swift-modify jaws and six trays for storing components. For now, the roboLoad is very best suited for unattended machining more than extended breaks and evening shifts, but the enterprise expects to see extra and extra applications for robotic automation in grinding. All of these systems are developed to be set up rapidly, with out the will need for programming.

Studer S100 grinding machine

The S100 is an entry-level grinding machine that is developed to be versatile so that customers are ready to deal with a variety of workpieces. Customers can pick out from a number of spindle and wheelhead choices. Photo Credit: Fritz Studer AG

The occasion also featured the new S100, which debuted at BI-MU 2022. It is an entry-level machine that is developed to be versatile so that customers are ready to deal with a variety of workpieces. The machine can be equipped with up to two internal grinding spindles, or 1 internal and 1 external spindle. It also has 3 wheelhead choices: a fixed wheelhead, a manual with a two.five-degree Hirth, or an automatic wheelhead with 1 degree Hirth. In addition, customers can pick out to add automation with a loading interface and automatic sliding door.

SmartJet coolant nozzle

Studer’s SmartJet intelligent cooling technique is stated to lower water consumption by as a great deal as 40% and power consumption as a great deal as 50%. It involves a specially developed nozzle with channels that distribute coolant evenly, an optimized line technique and pump, and sensor-supported intelligent manage application. Photo Credit: Fritz Studer AG

Ultimately, 2022 brought issues about an power crisis in Europe, and issues about sustainability stay for some firms. Studer’s SmartJet intelligent cooling technique is developed to save power and sources, decreasing water consumption by up to 40% and power consumption by up to 50%. It involves a specially developed nozzle with channels that distribute coolant evenly, an optimized line technique and pump, and sensor-supported intelligent manage application. Previously, when the machine was not in use, operators had to move nozzles away from the grinding wheel, due to the fact dripping coolant could lead to the wheel to develop into unbalanced. But this also implies that the operator had to move the nozzle back into location just before beginning the machine once again, a time-consuming method that requires time and can lead to suboptimal nozzle position and/or unnecessarily higher coolant consumption. Now, the machine can move the coolant nozzle away from the grinding wheel automatically, and move it back into position when required. The application calculates the very best exit speed for the volume flow primarily based on the method taking location (roughing, fine grinding or finishing). The technique delivers coolant precisely and repeatably, and it saves power regardless of applying higher stress and higher exit speeds to provide the coolant. All setup requires location on the machine manage. SmartJet is normal on the S36, but will be added to the S31, S33, and S41 this year. It can also be retrofitted to other models.

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