Addressing the gaps in overall health sciences education

Health sciences education continues to evolve today as future physicians will encounter individuals in rather distinctive healthcare contexts from the present. Exponentially expanding health-related expertise demands physicians to update what they know, shared Dr Khalil Yousef, Associate Professor – Wellness, College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Wellness, University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD). In an interview, he highlights the present gaps in overall health sciences education and the significance of continuous coaching. Excerpts:

What are the present gaps in regular overall health sciences education?

Proof shows that patient security depends on the excellent of the workplace culture. In distinct, the working partnership amongst all multidisciplinary healthcare group members (physiotherapists, pharmacists, social workers, physicians and nurses). The regular strategy to the education and preparation of healthcare specialists has been likened to ‘silos’. Hardly ever do students from distinctive disciplines get the possibility to find out with and from every single other till they have graduated. When they graduate, they are then anticipated to function collectively harmoniously. Effective teamwork, even so, depends on understanding and, in turn, respecting what/how every single group member contributes to attaining the key aim: higher-excellent patient care and outcomes. The limitations of this regular strategy to the education of the healthcare workforce resulted in a worldwide work to redesign the curriculums to contain possibilities for the distinctive skilled groups to find out and practice collectively all through their undergraduate education. 

How crucial is it for physicians to get coaching in clinical leadership, patient excellent/security, and digital overall health informatics?

It is quite vital! All undergraduate curricula for health-related education now contain expertise and ability improvement possibilities to make certain a level of competency in every single of these locations. Crucial to don’t forget is the need to have to evaluation this expertise and ability on a normal basis via nicely-structured programmes of performance  evaluation and accompanying continuing education possibilities.

What are the leading 5 trends shaping the future of overall health sciences?

The leading 5 trends contain artificial intelligence, digital informatics, helpful utilisation of huge information generated by electronic health-related records, escalating charges resulting in a substantial drain on the GDP of any nation and movement of care away from hospitals and into property/neighborhood.

What’s the largest challenge in facing these trends?

It is crucial to educate healthcare specialists who have been functioning in the healthcare technique for many decades and upskill them to adapt effectively to this swiftly altering workspace.

What does the future of overall health sciences education appear like to you?

Ideally, folks interested in building a profession in medicine/overall health should really be offered the chance to find out and expertise the scope of distinctive disciplines in overall health for the duration of their initial years of undergraduate education. This could be in the kind of all students getting to full a foundation year in Wellness Science. For the duration of this time, they get to confirm whether or not or not a profession in allied overall health, medicine or nursing is what they anticipated and, hence, want prior to embarking on the extra years of study.

What is UOWD carrying out to provide the future of overall health sciences education?

We are actively engaging with crucial stakeholders all through the UAE overall health technique that gives us with the facts required to make certain that our curriculums adapt to and meet the industry’s requirements.


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