Democrats in the USA look for alternative to Biden as Plan B

The Eleventh-Hour Challenge: What If Biden Drops Out of the Presidential Race?

If Joe Biden decides to step down as the Democratic candidate for the upcoming general election, Democrats will face a significant challenge in choosing a new candidate. While waiting for the results of the primaries, Biden has gained substantial support for his campaign, making it difficult for a late entry candidate to be viable at this stage.

If Biden were to retire from the race, convincing him to do so would not be easy. He would need to leave on his own terms and with dignity, which could only happen after the primaries end on June 4th. The vice president, Kamala Harris, could potentially run as a successor but may face resistance due to questions about her ability to inspire confidence. Other potential candidates like governors Gavin Newsom and JB Pritzker are in positions to leverage the situation.

If Biden were to leave the race late, Democrats would face serious logistical challenges as early voting has already begun in some states. This would force them to select a new nominee at an inconvenient time.

Both parties are facing similar challenges as Donald Trump is also approaching election age limitations and legal issues that could affect his eligibility to run for president. Ultimately, due to weakened national parties, there are few candidates of stature who could easily replace either Biden or Trump. Both parties have few mechanisms to sway their candidates from continuing their campaigns.

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