Cleveland Kitchen Pioneers Digestive Wellness

Empowering Digestive Wellness: Cleveland Kitchen’s Innovative Fermented Foods for Gut Health Month

In May, Cleveland Kitchen, a renowned producer of flavorful and innovative fermented foods, is taking a stand in celebration of Gut Health Month. The company is dedicated to promoting digestive wellness and highlighting the delicious benefits of gut-friendly foods.

At the forefront of advancing public awareness about the essential relationship between gut health and overall well-being, Cleveland Kitchen is passionate about creating nutrient-rich foods that naturally support gut health. Co-founder Drew Anderson expressed the company’s excitement about being part of Gut Health Month. He emphasized the importance of the microbiome and how it benefits from fermented foods.

Cleveland Kitchen’s product portfolio includes a range of fresh, naturally fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi. These products not only taste great but also contain billions of live probiotics that aid digestion and promote a healthy microbiome. Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Mac Anderson believes that good health begins in the gut and suggests incorporating fermented foods into the daily routine to support digestive health while enjoying bold flavors.

To learn more about Cleveland Kitchen and its Gut Health Month initiatives, visit their website at Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Kitchen is a leading producer of fresh fermented foods that can be found nationwide in the refrigerated section, showcasing their commitment to taste, health, and beneficial consumption through the power of fermentation.

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