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4 700 series highlighted the action in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Firm.

Major the way was Bill Colburn, who fired a 221-245-278-744 for Bemus Point Inn. Other scores have been Jeremy Becker 275-245-729 for Peterson Candies Chris Johnson 237-223-246-706 for JPF Trucking George Wendell 297-236-702 for Midnite Towing Ang Volpe 225-248-689 for Lena’s Pizza Joe Foit 265-220-223-680 for Peterson Candies and Patrick Ewing 237-244-680 for Ballbusters.

Also at JBC, Katie Foti paced the Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League with a 236-630 for Fricken Fives.

Jamestown Bowling Firm: Lena’s Pizza Men’s League — Tim Whitmore 247-672, Larry Pischera 234-665, Jeremy Crist 268-645, Tim Wares 606, Tim Kolstee 258-639, Ryan Beaver 243-228-636, Tyler Jones 620, Tom Lester 615, Cody Kane 244-613, Jamie Willey 233-611, Chris McKinley 607, Scott Johnson 605, Andy Raymond 604, Bart Shuman 602, Brent Carlson 600, Gregg Grimm 244-599, Howard Holmes 235-597, Dan Walker 236-591, Mike Spiesman 241-588, Jim Chapman 587, Josh Golden 581, Tab Berkhous 243-579, Tom Volpe 577, Paul Burdic 575.

Lena’s Pizza-Towline Auto League — Laura Schlining 201-570, Jen Goshgarian 526, Becky Washer 489.

Miles Machine League — Jeff Zaffino 234-224-650, Mike Hawley 628, Nat Lester 246-586, Paul Burdic 579, Tom Lester 248.

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