Insights on Economy to be Gained from Yellen’s China Trip as Data Visibility Declines

Yellen’s Return to China: Gathering Insights on the State of China’s Economy Amidst Challenges and Geopolitical Tensions

The US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and her team are set to make their second visit to China in nine months. Their main objective is to gather crucial insights on the true state of China’s economy, particularly amidst concerns over a property crisis and geopolitical tensions. While no significant policy agreements are expected, they hope to gain valuable information through bilateral talks.

During their visit, the Yellen delegation will focus on understanding the measures that China is considering to meet its 2024 growth goal. They aim to gather important details about the Chinese economy, despite the challenges in accessing accurate information. Despite these challenges, Yellen and her team are determined to uncover important clues about the world’s No. 2 economy.

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