What are your expectations for the World Golf Village property?

World Golf Village in Florida to undergo Changes based on Community Survey Results

The World Golf Village in St. Johns County, Florida is undergoing changes as a result of a recent community survey released by the County Commissioners. The survey, which had over 5,000 participants, will influence the redevelopment of the property.

The county purchased 37 acres of the property for $5.5 million in April in order to have control over the site’s future, rather than selling it to a private company. The survey results revealed that over 60% of participants wanted the IMAX theater to remain open, while 73% believed that the World Golf Hall of Fame building should be repurposed for other uses.

Furthermore, 59% of respondents indicated that 21 World Golf Place should be transformed into a professional or corporate space. The community’s input will guide the next steps in the redevelopment process.

As the World Golf Village moves towards a new chapter in its history, many are excited about what the future holds. Some hope to see more amenities added to the property and increased accessibility for visitors. Others believe that repurposing some of the buildings for other uses would better serve the needs of both residents and tourists alike. Whatever happens, it’s clear that this beloved golfing destination will continue to evolve and thrive for years to come.

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