Will Steelers Experience a Turnaround with Matt Canada’s Dismissal?

The Steelers have made a significant change to their coaching staff just two days before Thanksgiving, moving Matt Canada completely out of the stadium. While the team has been successful so far this season, with a 6-4 record and relevance in the league, their offense is struggling. They have been outgained every week and lack an identity, rhythm, and flow on offense.

On Sunday’s game against the Ravens, it was clear that the offense was in shambles, with only 10 total points scored. Diontae Johnson was reportedly carried away from a member of the coaching staff, and head coach Mike Tomlin had to intervene in a kerfuffle between players. Running back Najee Harris also made post-game comments indicating that he was at his breaking point.

So what’s next for the Steelers? The team is still seeking more details on how they will operate moving forward, but it seems like someone else will be calling the shots. Running backs coach Eddie Faulkner has been reportedly tasked with taking over as offensive coordinator, while quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan will be calling the plays. It remains to be seen if this new offensive brain trust will be able to turn things around or if they are destined for further struggles.

One potential issue facing the Steelers is that Kenny Pickett may not be cut out for this role. While he has shown promise in his second season as starter, there is no standout quality about his play that makes anyone say “wow.” He lacks big throws into tight spots and limited mobility on the field. This raises questions about whether Pittsburgh got it wrong by making him a first-round pick in 2022 or if they should consider pivoting to Mitch Trubisky or another QB in future seasons.

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