New Voting Security Technology Piloted in Weld County

Weld County Leads the Way in Secure Election Process with Groundbreaking GHOSTmark Technology

In the 2023 election, Weld County implemented a new security measure for the first time. The county served as a pilot program for a unique technology that added an extra layer of security to the election process. The ballots were printed on paper stock with high resolution images that could only be seen under special equipment. This GHOSTmark technology was aimed at ensuring the integrity and security of the election process.

Weld County, with its 222,064 active registered voters, took part in this pilot program to test the effectiveness and potential of this innovative security feature. The use of special paper stock for the ballots contained high resolution images that could only be viewed with special equipment, making it difficult for anyone to tamper with or manipulate the votes.

The introduction of this new security measure marked a significant step forward in ensuring that the election process is secure and transparent. Weld County’s commitment to implementing this technology shows their dedication to upholding democracy and protecting the rights of their voters.

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