Wagner Boss Says Kremlin’s Victory Claims Are ‘Science Fiction’

Wagner Boss Says Kremlin’s Victory Claims Are ‘Science Fiction’

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin in 2017. SERGEI ILNITSKY/POOL/AFP through Getty Pictures

  • Wagner Firm leader Yevgeny Prigozhin scoffed at the Kremlin’s reports of significant wins in Ukraine.
  • To kill 1,500 soldiers, as Moscow claimed, Russia would want to take 93 miles of land every single day, he stated.
  • He dismissed the tally as “wild and absurd science fiction,” additional antagonizing the Kremlin.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian mercenary enterprise that fought in Bakhmut, says he’s not acquiring Moscow’s claims that it inflicted heavy losses on Ukrainian troops in Donetsk.

Russia’s defense ministry on Tuesday stated it had quashed a main offensive by Ukraine, wiping out 1,500 enemy soldiers, 109 armored autos, and 28 tanks — such as eight Leopard tanks offered by Germany and 3 AMX-ten reconnaisance autos from France.

But in a Monday statement from his press service, Prigozhin dismissed the Kremlin’s tally as “wild and absurd science fiction.”

To kill 1,500 soldiers, Russia would have to advance 93 miles every single day, stated the Wagner Group boss.

“For that reason, I think that this is just wild and absurd science fiction,” stated Prigozhin.

The numbers provided by the defense ministry’s spokesperson would imply that Russia’s army would have “just destroyed the complete planet Earth 5 occasions more than” and “reached the aliens,” he added.

Prigozhin, who was on the ground for months with his troops in a area devastated by war, did not give detail on how he drew these conclusions.

But his most up-to-date criticism of the Kremlin additional intensifies the currently current animosity in between the mercenary boss and Moscow’s major military leaders.

The Wagner leader lately attacked Russia’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, saying in Could that Shoigu ‘s kids and the Russian elite lived in luxury even though ordinary citizens have been dying in Ukraine.

Earlier that month, he screamed insults and curses at Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov, the Russian army’s chief of the common employees, in an expletive-filled video exactly where he raged about ammo shortages and heavy casualties.

On Friday, he accused the Kremlin of leaving landmines in the way of his withdrawing troops, and questioned why they have been placed in their way. With the mines so far in the rear, they could neither have been planted by Ukraine nor laid with the intention of destroying Ukrainian forces, Prigozhin stated.

On Monday, he released an hour-lengthy interview, exactly where he asked the Kremlin’s major leaders to go to the war zone and be with their troops.

Ukraine’s and Russia’s Defense Ministries did not right away respond to Insider’s requests for comment sent outdoors typical organization hours.

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