Utilizing 5G to reduce down diagnostic reading by half

Offered a swiftly ageing population and an overwhelmed well being method, hospitals like Samsung Health-related Center had to deal with increasing demands for well being screening and other diagnostic requirements. To meet these demands, SMC combined 5G connectivity and digital pathology, enhancing the speed of clinical choice-creating across its facilities.

THE Challenge

Each and every day at SMC, its 3 diagnostic reading rooms (positioned in the primary creating, annex, and Cancer Centre) get volumes of requests for frozen section tests. 

Requesting clinicians in search of consultations with a pathologist normally had to wait for them to come down from their workplace in Ilwon, which is 15-20 minutes away from the primary diagnostic reading area at the Cancer Centre. This delays the turnaround time, which in turn also impacts diagnosis-creating and surgery time. 


To allow speedy imaging search about the hospital, SMC envisioned an integrated digital pathology method.

In 2019, the hospital collaborated with Korea Telecom to develop its 5G-connected digital pathology method. It consists of a slide scanner with evaluation and interpretation software program, a 5G network, and a desktop computer system. The method is now operating across its 3 diagnostic reading rooms and is also produced accessible on mobile devices by means of the 5G network.

Pathology frozen-slide scanner and 5G–connected Genuine-time Show on the 3rd Floor of SMC Most important Developing


The 5G-enabled digital pathology method is in a position to reduce down the turnaround time for frozen test consultations by half to ten minutes. 

“The method has been efficient in lowering the turnaround time as pathologists can now attend to frozen test consultations on their smartphone or tablet device by means of 5G network anyplace in the hospital,” Jean Hyoung Lee, manager of IT Infrastructure at SMC, mentioned.

Also via the 5G network, significant file transfers can be produced, which includes more than 3GB of frozen tissue scans

“With a standard network, there can be delays in transferring scans of frozen tissues measuring 1.five cm., which are larger than 3GB. But now with a 5G network, we can transfer them speedily,” Lee shared.

Interpretation of digital pathology image as an alternative of a microscope in SMC

Digital Pathology Interpretation: Automating cell counts


SMC’s 5G-enabled digital pathology method was cited as the “most complete” in the planet through the current assessment for the international initial Stage 7 HIMSS Digital Imaging Adoption Model. The method, HIMSS mentioned, can replace ordinary pathology microscopy systems and some automatic computer system programmes.

“The digital pathology method established by the Pathology Division and SMC’s Details Technique Group could be a single of the superior examples of the fourth industrial revolution model applied to a hospital method,” mentioned SMC pathology professor Jang Kee-Taek.

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