Photographs reveal clandestine tracks and illicit crops in the Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve in Peru

Unveiling the Reality: Satellite Imagery Reveals Devastating Invasion of North and South Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve in Peru

The North and South Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve in Peru has been heavily invaded by illegal activities, threatening the indigenous people living there. Satellite images from May 2023 showed deforested areas, unauthorized forest roads, and coca leaf crops within the reserve. Indigenous organizations have highlighted the lack of concrete action by the Peruvian government to protect the Kakataibo people in isolation.

During an overflight on March 15, 2024, indigenous leaders and representatives from Aidesep and Fenacoka observed two other open pits in the forest and a large amount of illegal coca leaf crops, indicating the influence of drug trafficking in the territory. The Amazon forest in the Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve is divided by a furrow that exposes a wide line of land, as seen in photographs taken during this overflight. This line of land is evidence of a clandestine landing strip in the territory intended for indigenous people in isolation.

Indigenous leaders on the overflight reported sightings of clandestine landing strips, deforested areas, and illegal crops throughout the reserve. They expressed concerns over the lack of protection for the Kakataibo people and the continuous advance of illegal activities in their territory. The presence of drug trafficking poses a significant threat to the indigenous communities and the delicate ecosystem of the Amazon forest.

Despite repeated requests for protection measures,

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