Top DHS Official accuses China and Iran of theft of U.S. Technology

Unprecedented Challenge: Preventing the Illegitimate Export of U.S. Technology to Foreign Adversaries

The illegal export of U.S. technology to foreign adversaries poses a significant risk to U.S. national security, and Homeland Security Investigations (DHS) is taking steps to prevent it. However, the task is challenging as the technology is smuggled out of the U.S., making it difficult to monitor and prevent its illegal export. Once in China, it is further transferred to Iran, where it is used for developing sophisticated drone technologies, which could be used against the U.S.

Jim Mancuso, an official from DHS’s Global Trade Division, emphasized the seriousness of this threat, stating that U.S. technology has been found in recovered military equipment in China, Iran, and Russia, indicating that these countries are illegally acquiring technological resources from the U.S. Mancuso stressed the need for vigilance and investigative efforts to prevent further exploitation of U.S. technology by foreign powers.

Mr. Mancuso underscored the significance of this threat to the U.S., emphasizing that it is part of a larger picture of foreign powers posing a threat to U.S national security. This ongoing issue demands the primary focus and commitment of U

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