Exciting Summer Science at Madison Public Library

Unleashing the Wonders of Science this Summer at Goodman South Madison Library

The Super Summer Science Series at Goodman South Madison Library is a new program that offers hands-on science experiments every Friday afternoon throughout the summer. Designed to teach participants about different aspects of science while having fun, the program is open to all kids, but children ages 7 and under will need the assistance of a caregiver.

The program dates and experiments include Elephant Toothpaste on June 14, Non-Newtonian Fluid on June 21, Invisible Ink on June 28, Solar Ovens on July 5, Marshmallow Bridges on July 12, Foil Penny Boats on July 19, Marble Race Tracks on July 26, Hydrophobic Magic Sand on August 2, Pom Pom Poppers on August 9, and Lava Lamps on August 16. No registration is required to participate in this program.

Join us at Goodman South Madison Library for an unforgettable summer of science exploration as you engage in exciting experiments that promote learning in a fun and interactive way. This is a great opportunity for kids to explore the world of science and discover new concepts in a hands-on environment.

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