Entrepreneur Launches Glass Blowing Company

Unleashing Creativity: The Fascinating Art of Glass Blowing Takes Center Stage in Bowling Green, Kentucky

A small business with a focus on glass blowing has opened in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Sweaty Glass, owned by Shane Spickard, is the second of its kind in the state and offers classes for those interested in learning the art form.

Spickard’s love for glass blowing began during his time at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, Tennessee. Since then, he has been refining his craft and creating stunning glass cups, vases and other decorations using melted glass. Now, he has turned a garage into his own factory where he continues to create unique pieces of art.

The process of creating these intricate glass pieces is mesmerizing. Spickard begins by heating the glass and adding frit to create designs. He then sculpts the shape using various tools before shaping it with wet newspaper and blowing air through a blowpipe to help inflate and shape the vase. After smoothing out the piece with a torch, it is placed in a stove for 12 hours before being ready for sale or display.

Sweaty Glass is located at 144 W 10th Avenue in Bowling Green and offers classes for anyone interested in learning the art of glass blowing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, Spickard’s classes provide an opportunity to learn this fascinating craft and create your own unique pieces of art.

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