Sponsor of Science Museum urges ‘armchair activists’ to step back

Unfolding the Banner of Climate Change Protest: The Science Museum’s Sponsorship Dilemma

This month, a group led by Greta Thunberg staged a protest at the Science Museum, unfurling a banner with a message criticizing the museum’s oil and gas sponsors for contributing to future climate change impacts. The Fossil Free Science Museum coalition, which includes organizations like Extinction Rebellion and Scientists for Extinction Rebellion, expressed concerns about the impact on the museum’s reputation. They believe that the sponsorship has already caused significant damage to the Science Museum’s standing.

Despite opposition from some campaigners, Sir Ian Blatchford, director and chief executive of the Science Museum Group, emphasized the importance of engaging audiences with the science of climate change, which he sees as the biggest challenge of our time. He mentioned that the museum’s new gallery was made possible through sponsorship from Adani Green Energy, a company that is making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. While acknowledging that some activists have strong views on sponsorship, Sir Blatchford and the trustees believe in the importance of robust governance and encouraging companies, governments, and individuals to take steps towards a less carbon-intensive global economy.

The Science Museum Group’s approach has been clearly articulated, with a focus on promoting awareness and action to combat climate change. It seeks to inspire positive change and collaboration in addressing the pressing issue of climate change through education and engagement with the public.

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