Boston Sports History Declares Classic Patriots Uniform as Best-suited

Unconventional Victory: The 1985 New England Patriots Win Best Boston Sports Uniform Competition

Boston’s most iconic sports uniform has been revealed, with the 1985 Patriots taking home the title of best uniform in Boston sports history. Despite their recent success, it was the classic New England professional football look that won the hearts of voters.

The final matchup between the ’85 Patriots and the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms saw a narrow victory for the former with a 57-43 margin of victory. This was a tough competition for both teams, as they had previously faced off against each other in the semifinals.

The closest matchup in the bracket was between two sets of Bruins uniforms – those from 2011 and those from the “Bobby Orr Era”. The latter emerged victorious by only 16 votes out of a total of 3,566 votes cast.

Despite facing tough challenges throughout the competition, including being given a lower seed than expected, the 1985 Patriots were able to emerge as clear winners in this battle for supremacy among Boston’s best sports uniforms.

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