Ukrainian Soldier Sets New Record for Longest Sniper Kill with Renowned Rifle ‘Horizon’s Lord’

Ukraine is claiming a new world record for the longest sniper kill, with a soldier taking out a Russian combatant from 2.36 miles away. The kill was made using a Ukrainian-made rifle called the Volodar Obriyu, which means “Horizon’s Lord.” The footage of the event has been shared by Interfax-Ukraine, but it is not clear whether it can be verified independently.

There have been several previous contenders for the longest sniper kill, including an unnamed Canadian soldier who claimed to have taken out a target from 1.5 miles away in Iraq in 2017. Another Ukrainian soldier was also credited with the second-longest kill in 2022, from almost 1.7 miles away.

Despite these claims and the mythical status that Ukrainian snipers have gained since Russia’s invasion, there is no universally accepted list of longest sniper kills. However, if confirmed, this latest shot would be roughly 0.2 miles further than the previously claimed record.

The work of snipers is grueling and often romanticized by the general public, but as one Ukrainian commander told Business Insider’s Alia Shoaib, it requires patience and skill. Snipers can wait up to 16 hours in one spot waiting for a target, with the crucial shot itself being only a small fraction of their skills needed to succeed in their mission.

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