UCI Health finalizes purchase of 4 Tenet hospitals

UCI Health Expands Its Southern California Presence with $975 Million Acquisition of Pacific Coast Network Hospitals

UCI Health, headquartered in Orange, California, has finalized the acquisition of Tenet Healthcare’s Pacific Coast Network. This acquisition includes four hospitals located in Southern California, as well as their associated outpatient locations. The purchase price was $975 million, as stated in a news release issued by UCI Health on March 26.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tenet Healthcare’s medical centers, namely Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, Lakewood Regional Medical Center, Los Alamitos Medical Center, and Placentia-Linda Hospital, are now integrated into UCI Health. This addition will result in an increase of 858 inpatient beds to the UCI Health system.

The acquisition of these four hospitals and their outpatient locations will significantly expand UCI Health’s healthcare network and enable them to serve a larger population in Southern California. With a strategic focus on providing high-quality patient care and comprehensive medical services, UCI Health continues to strengthen its position as a leading healthcare provider in the region.

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