Transfers totaling 1.51 trillion dirhams between banks and individuals in the Emirates during January 2024

UAEFTS sees 24.43% increase in transfers in January 2024; OnlyFans dives into new content direction and sparks debates on balance; Central Bank statistics highlight the diverse online world

The latest Central Bank statistics reveal that transfers carried out in the UAE banking sector through the UAE Financial Transfer System (UAEFTS) totaled 1.512 trillion dirhams in January 2024. This is a 24.43% increase compared to January 2023, when the value of transfers stood at 1.215 trillion dirhams.

The UAEFTS, developed by the Central Bank in August 2001, is the main transfer system in the country that facilitates the immediate transfer of funds between entities. Of the total transfers in January 2024, 973.69 billion dirhams were transfers between banks, while 538.94 billion dirhams were transfers between bank customers.

In other news, OnlyFans has announced its departure from adult content, sparking discussions among individuals on how to strike a balance and seeking advice on various topics. From BMW enthusiasts sharing pictures of their cars to discussions on mathematics education, the online world is full of diverse conversations and topics of interest.

Central Bank statistics also show that the value of clearing checks using their images in January 2024 was 109.47 billion dirhams, with 1.96 million cheques settled through the check clearing system during that month.

Overall, it’s clear that there are many different topics and interests within the online world, with individuals seeking out communities and forums where they can discuss their passions and share their knowledge with others.

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