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Small business: The NOW Massage Boutique

Address: 110 S. Washington St.

Owners: Randy, 68, and Sharon Kline, 64, of Romeoville

Basic manager: Trevor Lawrence-Sheehan, 32, of Oswego

Years in organization: Two years in June

What does your organization do? “Massages. We have 3 various varieties of massages,” Sharon Kline mentioned.

3? “The NOW is our signature Swedish, most relaxing massage. … Then we have the stretch, a sports-inspired massage that incorporates stretching for the duration of the massage,” Lawrence-Sheehan mentioned.

“The third is the healer, which is an power balancing massage,” Kline mentioned.

Power balancing? “It operates on thoughts, physique power and spirit. There are power spots on the physique so they’ll take their hands or fingers and spot them on these power spots and operate on deep breathing with the guest,” Lawrence-Sheehan mentioned.

“If they are Reiki educated, then they can have power flow to and from. Reiki is a kind of healing, a kind of power. If they get this certification, they can really feel and see what people today are going via,” he mentioned.

Does it operate? “I had a single massage therapist who essentially study my previous. She was incredibly precise. It is sort of spooky. She didn’t know me that effectively and she study me incredibly effectively. She placed her hand on particular components of my physique and she would know what she feels from that,” Kline mentioned.

What else do you provide? “We customize massages with various enhancements. We have deep tissue, hemp and normal calm balm, which is like a all-natural Icy Hot for sore muscle tissues and inflammation, scalp renewal, herbal heat therapy with lavender and herbs, fresh eyes, which is a pad that goes below your eyes for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. We also have Gua Sha, a Chinese system for lymphatic drainage and any inflammation. And we have prenatal glow for (expectant) mothers 12 weeks plus,” Kline mentioned.

How did you get into this? “I was a dental hygienist and a private trainer, so wellness and wellness has normally been my point,” Kline mentioned.

“We (hired) a individual who specializes in putting you with a franchise. My husband and I took a character test. She came up with 4 various franchises that would suit us. … 1 was The NOW Massage, an up-and-coming franchise that began out in California with 4 retailers in 2015. They franchised in 2019. Extra than one hundred (franchises) have been sold. Extra than 40 are open. We have been the ninth to open and the very first in Illinois.”

What sets you apart? “Your massage therapist will speak to you in the transition space. As soon as you hit the journey space, it is quiet. All you will hear is the sound of the ocean. You are surrounded by canvas drapery. Your massage therapist whispers to you with guidance. There are no conversations. It is a sanctuary,” Kline mentioned.

Do consumers fall asleep? “All the time,” Lawrence-Sheehan mentioned.

How lengthy are the massages? “They are 25, 50 and 80 minutes,” Kline mentioned.

Why must somebody get a massage? “People do not unwind sufficient. They do not turn it off. This is all about ‘me time,’ all about turning off the stresses in your life and focusing on relaxation,” Kline mentioned.

What challenges do you face? “There is competitors. Recruitment for massage therapists is difficult,” Lawrence-Sheehan mentioned.

What does membership price? “For the sanctuary, it is $85, after a month. For the pampered, which is 80 minutes, it is $115. … For stroll-ins, the 50-minute is $115 and the 80-minute is $145,” Lawrence-Sheehan mentioned.

“We’re incredibly various (than other organizations). We do not have a contract you have to sign for a year. We provide memberships. … If you will need to cancel, you give a 30-day notice,” Kline mentioned.

How a lot of people today operate right here? “We have 17 massage therapists. We’re searching to have 20 to 22. We retain them busy,” Kline mentioned.

What do you like finest? “That we provide a attractive place to operate. We have a fantastic group now. I adore the truth that my son is the basic manager,” Kline mentioned.

“I adore the flexibility and getting my personal boss,” Lawrence-Sheehan mentioned. “Massages are a fantastic perk. You really feel super relaxed and tension-cost-free (immediately after).”

What misconceptions do people today have? “That it is a luxury and as well highly-priced,” Kline mentioned.

How did the virus influence your organization? “We did not shut down. We kept every thing clean. Every person wore masks,” Kline mentioned.

Any future plans? “Open two much more. Our subsequent place could be Wheaton,” Kline mentioned.

What’s your guidance for somebody beginning a organization? “Surround your self with the suitable people today, people today you can trust. Place is a crucial,” Kline mentioned.

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Steve Metsch is a freelance reporter for the Naperville Sun.

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