American tourist (80) killed in elephant attack while on safari

Tragic Safari Incident: 80-Year-Old American Woman Killed by Elephant in Zambia”.

An 80-year-old American woman died after being attacked by an elephant during a car safari in Zambia last weekend. The incident occurred in the Kafue National Park and was witnessed by five other tourists who were also on the safari.

The elephant, which had become separated from its herd, began chasing the vehicle as the tourists were being guided through the national park. A video taken by one of the tourists captured the terrifying moment when the elephant pursued them. The driver was forced to stop the vehicle after encountering a road blockage caused by vegetation.

The elephant used its tusks to tip the vehicle on its side, resulting in the tragic death of the 80-year-old woman and injuring another tourist seriously. The remaining tourists suffered minor injuries and are receiving trauma counseling.

The CEO of the company that organized the safari expressed condolences to the family of the deceased woman and offered support to the other tourists and guide involved in the incident. The shocking images of the attack have circulated on social media, highlighting

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