Israeli Social Media: Protest NGOs Lead Top 20 Advertisers, Smotrich in 19th Place

Top Five Organizations Spending Big on Social Media Promotions in Israel

According to a report by IDF Galei radio correspondent Shachar Glick, the top five organizations that have spent the most money over the past three months on promoting their campaigns on Israeli Facebook and Instagram of Meta Corporation are as follows:

1. Epoch magazine – almost 760 thousand shekels

2. Veterans of the Yom Kippur War for the Defense of Democracy – 658.5 thousand shekels

3. Mihdal 23 (Failure 23) – 325.5 thousand shekels

4. Afkara (Left to Fate) – 290.5 thousand shekels

5. Movement for the Quality of Power – around 170,000 shekels

In sixth place is Titpater Akhshav (“Resign”), followed by Mate Maavak – Nilhamim al-Democracy (Headquarters for the Struggle for Democracy), which spent approximately 164,000 and 173,000 shekels respectively on advertising. The law firm Nir Birkiya comes in eighth place, with Ibadeta et Ha-Tzafon (“You have lost the north”) in ninth place, spending around 142,000 shekels on advertising efforts. Lastly, Rami Greenberg, Mayor of Petah Tikva completes the top ten list with advertisements from Memshala Mufkeret (Wasteful Government), Ufkarna (We’re Left to Fate), Petah Tikva Municipality, Urban Renewal Authority and Finance Minister Bezalel Weinstein who spent around 90 thousand shekel on his campaign on social networks and ranks at number nineteen overall.

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Overall, it seems that Epoch magazine has been one of the most active spenders on promoting their campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in recent months among Israeli organizations.

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