Gibbs, Wallace, and Gragson make it to Sunday’s All-Star Race.

Thrilling All-Star Open: Gibbs Takes First Win, Wallace Secures Second Place

In a thrilling All-Star Open, Ty Gibbs emerged victorious and earned a spot in the All-Star Race. Bubba Wallace finished closely behind to secure his own place in the race. Noah Gragson won the fan vote for the second consecutive year, earning the final spot in the All-Star Race.

Gibbs led from the pole position early on, building up a two-second lead over Wallace before the mid-race break and mandatory four-tire pit stops. During these pit stops, Bowman made up ground and moved up two spots, but Gibbs maintained his lead to ultimately win his first All-Star Open. Wallace overtook Bowman for second place during a restart after what appeared to be a pit stop issue involving tire confusion.

Sixteen out of twenty drivers in the All-Star Open opted for the special option tires during the mandatory pit stop. Josh Wise’s 2014 fan vote win remains one of the biggest upsets in All-Star Race history. In another pit stop mishap, both LaJoie and Nemechek received speeding penalties that pushed them to the rear of the lead lap drivers. Nemechek was seated inside

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