Woman and child shoot in Texas church

Threatening Charges for the Woman Who Disrupted Lakewood Church Service in Houston

At around 1:45pm local time, a woman carrying a rifle entered the evangelical megachurch Lakewood in Houston, Texas and threatened those present by claiming she had a bomb. However, no explosives were found. The police reported that the woman was wearing a coat and a backpack at the time of the attack.

The incident happened during the break between services, just as a Spanish service was about to start, according to Joel Osteen, co-founder of Lakewood Church. In addition to the woman, who was approximately 30 to 35 years old, two others were injured in the incident – a 57-year-old man and a young boy who was shot and seriously injured.

The website link provided and some other information is not relevant to the news about the shooting incident at the church. It appears to be a technical error or a mix-up with unrelated content.

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