Chiefs narrow the gap to 10-3 against before halftime: Super Bowl LVIII live updates and scores

The Thrilling Battle Continues: 49ers vs. Chiefs in NFL Championship Game at 7:30a ET

The second half of the game between the 49ers and Chiefs is underway, and it’s still anyone’s game. At 7:30a ET, the score is tied at 10-10, with both teams continuing to play strong defensively.

One of the most exciting moments in the game so far took place at 7:25a ET when Brock Purdy showed off his impressive start for the 49ers. Another key moment was at 6:58a ET when Patrick Mahomes demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure with a stunning touchdown play.

Despite their strong defensive efforts, there have been some heated emotions on display from players such as Travis Kelce at 6:52a ET. The live coverage began at 4:31p ET and has since provided viewers with an intense defensive showdown between two talented teams.

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