US Arms Fueling Deadly Gang Violence in Haiti: Uncovering the Criminal Economy

The Role of the United States in Combating Illicit Firearms in Haiti: A Call for Stronger Controls and International Cooperation

In recent years, Haiti has been grappling with escalating unrest, and the calls from human rights advocates and civil society groups for a halt to the flow of illicit firearms to criminal gangs have become more urgent. Rosy Auguste Ducena, a lawyer and programme director at the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH), emphasized that Haiti does not produce its own weapons or ammunition. Instead, the arms causing chaos in the country come from elsewhere, with a significant portion originating from the United States.

The range of firearms and ammunition entering Haiti is largely unchecked due to weak state institutions, corruption, and challenges in monitoring the vast coastline of the country. Ducena highlighted the need for stronger controls over what leaves the United States to address this critical issue and promote peace and security in Haiti. By addressing this issue through international cooperation and support, Haiti may be able to curb violence and instability caused by criminal gangs.

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