Iowa-LSU game attracts record-breaking betting interest in women’s sports

The Rising Tide of Women’s Sports Betting: Record-Breaking Viewership and Engagement in Women’s Basketball

The surge in interest in women’s sports betting is taking place at a time when women’s sports are gaining significant traction, attracting larger audiences and generating more interest. This is partly due to the emergence of extraordinary talents like Caitlin Clark and the increasing valuations of women’s sports franchises. The viewership of the women’s Sweet 16 on ESPN hit a record high, marking a 96% increase from the previous year. This growing interest in women’s sports is translating into increased activity in sportsbooks, with record-breaking betting numbers.

Despite the surging interest in women’s sports betting, it is noted that only 26% of bettors are women, according to the American Gaming Association. Sportsbooks are recognizing the enormous opportunity presented by tapping into the growing female fanbase. A recent LSU-Iowa game featuring star players Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, alongside renowned coach Kim Mulkey, emerged as the top betting event on Monday, surpassing popular professional sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

The matchup between the University of Connecticut and the University of Southern California was another highly anticipated game, with star player Paige Bueckers putting up an impressive performance. This game ranked as the third-highest betting event of the day for sportsbooks. Both FanDuel and DraftKings reported significant interest in women’s basketball games, with DraftKings mentioning that the games even rivaled the handle of NFL games from the previous season.

Heading into the women’s Final Four, sportsbooks like FanDuel are already seeing a high level of engagement. Iowa is favored by 2.5 points over UConn while South Carolina has an 11.5 point advantage over NC State. As excitement around women’s sports continues to grow, it is clear that popularity of women’s sports is on rise creating a new frontier for sportsbooks and fans alike.

The surge in betting on women’s sports can be attributed to several factors including increasing traction and recognition for female athletes as well as rising valuations for teams playing this sport genre.

Sportsbooks have recognized this trend and are making efforts to tap into this growing female fanbase by offering more promotions targeted towards female gamblers.

In conclusion, it appears that there will be no slowing down this trend anytime soon as more people become interested in watching these games or placing bets on them.

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