Closing its doors after half a century in Worcester, Tatnuck Meat & Seafood bids farewell

The Closure of a Local Institution: Remembering Harvey Slarskey and His Dedication to Quality Meat and Seafood

In the Worcester community, Tatnuck Meat and Seafood has been a beloved institution for 50 years. The shop, which is located at the corner of Pleasant and Mill streets, offered a wide variety of meats and seafood, catering to the local community in the Tatnuck area. However, over time, business began to decline as the neighborhood changed.

Harvey Slarskey, who started the business in his 30s, was known for his dedication to providing quality products and building personal relationships with his customers. Despite facing challenges in running a small business, he remained committed to maintaining high standards. In 2011, seafood was added to the offerings, expanding the selection to include fresh fish and shellfish.

Michael Slarskey took over three years ago when it became clear that it was time for his father Harvey to retire. He expressed gratitude to their loyal customers throughout the years and acknowledged that closing the business was a difficult decision. However, he also knew that it was necessary in order to honor his father’s legacy and ensure that he could continue living a healthy life.

The closing of Tatnuck Meat and Seafood marks an end to an era in Worcester’s culinary scene. However, Harvey Slarskey’s dedication to customer satisfaction will always be remembered by those who had the pleasure of knowing him and shopping at his store over the years.

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