Syra Health secures third contract in Virginia to develop healthcare workforce

Syra Health Secures Third Contract in Virginia to Support Fairfax County’s Healthcare Workforce: Providing 24/7 Nursing Care and Enhancing Quality Healthcare Services

Syra Health, a healthcare technology company based in Indiana, has recently announced that it has secured a third contract in Virginia to support Fairfax County’s healthcare workforce. The company offers various workforce management services such as recruitment, evaluation, talent processing, apprenticeships, communication tools, performance analytics, compliance monitoring, training, certifications, and career coaching.

Under the contract with Fairfax County, Syra will provide licensed nurses to offer 24-hour nursing care and assist the County in filling other temporary healthcare positions. The agreement is set to expire on June 30, 2028, with the possibility of renewal for an additional two years.

Sandeep Allam, executive chairman and president of Syra Health, stated that the company’s dedication to enhancing healthcare extends beyond traditional models and aims to contribute to the County of Fairfax’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare services to its community.

In addition to its workforce management services

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