IDF Soldiers Turning to Alcohol and Drugs to Cope with Injuries: Report

Surviving War: The Struggle of Military Families with Alcohol and Drug Addiction, and the Impact on Education and Employment

Military personnel who have been injured in combat are facing a growing problem with alcohol and drug addiction. Financial and psychological problems are also prevalent among the families of injured soldiers, according to a report by the Association of Social Workers published on Monday, February 12, by Davar1.

The behavior of children whose parents have been called up for reservist service is deteriorating, as stated in the report. Among military personnel themselves and their family members, 19.11% reported abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as addictive medications in survivors of military injuries and their loved ones (family members and friends). Additionally, 68.52% reported psychological and psychiatric problems in the families of victims, with 66.56% reporting worsening psychological problems.

Social workers also reported that 21.76% of families experiencing difficulties with education due to injury in military personnel. These difficulties arise after the start of the war (57.9%) according to social workers’ reports. Furthermore, 34.11% reported that their clients who were injured during service experience difficulties in realizing their social rights, while 39.41% reported economic difficulties and 33.82% reported problems with employment among these families too

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