Surviving the Hamas Festival Massacre: A 27-Year-Old’s Terrifying Escape Story

On the morning of October 7th, at exactly 6:29 am, Kibbutz Re’im was bustling with excitement for the Nova Festival. Millet Ben Haim and her friends were among the many visitors, enjoying the music and festivities. However, their joy was short-lived as air raid sirens pierced through the celebration less than two minutes later.

Without warning, Hamas fighters stormed the festival site, causing panic and chaos. The aftermath of this attack was devastating; 364 festival visitors lay dead and 40 were taken hostage. Millet, who managed to survive the ordeal, spoke about her experience in an interview with German newspaper Bild. She recounted how she and her friends had been enjoying a normal weekend when suddenly the music stopped due to the sound of rockets filling the sky.

Fearing for their safety, Millet and her friends tried to flee in their car but were quickly stopped by terrorists shooting at people in cars ahead of them. They attempted to escape in another direction but were met with similar violence. With no other choice left, they took off on foot through the fields, desperate to escape from danger and find safety.

After hours of wandering aimlessly and seeking refuge from danger, they eventually found themselves hiding in a bush with three other women. They disguised themselves in an attempt to avoid being found by Hamas fighters. Miraculously, Ramy Davidian – a civilian who had saved over a hundred lives that day – stumbled upon their location and rescued them.

Today, Millet is reunited with her family but is struggling to cope with trauma and loss resulting from the attack on Nova Festival at Kibbutz Re’im on October 7th at 6:29 am. She feels like a different person since then; unable to connect with friends or family members she used to care about deeply. The magnitude of what took place that day has left her feeling overwhelmed beyond words.

The tragic events that took place have forever changed Millet’s life – leaving her scarred physically and emotionally from what she witnessed during those long hours when she thought she may never make it out alive.

Millet’s story is just one among many who lost everything during that fateful night at Nova Festival in Kibbutz Re’im on October 7th at 6:29 am when Hamas fighters attacked without warning.

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