Petrobras Aims for Dependable Subsea Production using Topsides-free Technology

Subsea Boosting Breakthrough: Petrobras and Curtiss-Wright Partner for Canned Motor Technology in Brazil

In a bid to enhance its subsea production capabilities, Petrobras, a Brazilian state-owned oil and gas company, has selected Curtiss-Wright Corporation, a North Carolina-based company, to provide a seal-less canned motor boosting system for its Campos Basin field. The collaboration between the two companies aims to develop a subsea boosting system that can handle unprocessed hydrocarbon fluids consisting of oil, gas, and particles.

Curtiss-Wright is responsible for designing, manufacturing, testing and providing operational support for the subsea canned motor boosting system. The system will be operational at 1,500 meters deep in the Campos Basin offshore Brazil. The first subsea canned motor boosting system is expected to be ready for operation by 2027.

Lynn M. Bamford, Chair and CEO of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, stated that this collaboration will allow the company to use its expertise in canned motor technology in an adjacent market and provide significant value to Petrobras. The design provides flexibility to deploy future Curtiss-Wright topside-less subsea boosting systems scalable to 6 MW for multiphase applications, which aligns with Petrobras’ technology development roadmap.

This technology is expected to enable reliable subsea production with fewer topside support systems and allows for flexibility in deploying the systems on lighter weight and lower cost vessels. This is consistent with Petrobras’ goal of an all-electric subsea boosting system that will allow long tie-back production arrangements.

The collaboration between these two companies represents an exciting opportunity in the oil and gas industry as they work together to develop cutting edge technology that will enhance reliable subsea production capabilities while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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