John Turner from FloSports Discusses How Storytelling and Easy Accessibility Attracts Digital-Native Sports Fans

Streaming Sports: Navigating the Endless Options for Fans in Today’s Era

In today’s era of live streaming, sports fans have a myriad of choices when it comes to watching games. They must decide which games to watch, choose the device they will use and select the platform on which to stream the game. With so many options available, it is imperative for those in the industry to present a diverse range of selections in a smooth and user-friendly manner.

During the 2024 SVG Digital Engagement Forum, John Turner, VP of Content at FloSports, discussed the company’s growth over the past year. He shared insights on how FloSports is adapting to meet the needs of fans and strategies for moving forward as the sports streaming industry continues to evolve.

Fans can find more interviews and industry-related discussions from the 2024 SVG Digital Engagement Forum by visiting SVG’s YouTube channel. This platform offers valuable insights and discussions on current trends and innovations in sports streaming and digital engagement.

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