Study shows AI can identify fear and danger in the voices of abused women

Spanish Researcher Uses AI to Combat Sexist Violence with Innovative Technology

Esther Rituerto, a Spanish researcher, has been recognized for her work in using artificial intelligence to detect sexist violence. Her research focuses on analyzing a woman’s voice for signs of fear and surrounding sounds that signal danger. By using speech and acoustic signals, Rituerto aims to prevent attacks and combat sexist abuse.

Rituerto’s innovative approach to using technology in the fight against gender violence has caught the attention of the Government Delegation against Gender Violence in Spain, who praise her work on developing automatic mechanisms for detecting dangerous situations based on sound cues.

Rituerto’s research is part of the UC3M4Safety project at the Carlos III University of Madrid, which aims to use technology to prevent, detect, and protect victims of gender violence. Along with her team, she has developed electronic devices that can detect fear in victims through their voice and vital signs, triggering alerts to emergency services and law enforcement.

In addition to her work with speech and acoustic signals, Rituerto has also conducted research on using artificial intelligence to detect signs of gender violence in a woman’s voice. By analyzing voice patterns and characteristics, the technology can determine if a woman has been a victim of abuse with 73% accuracy.

Rituerto’s ongoing research focuses on using artificial intelligence to detect mental illnesses in brain images. Her work is paving the way for innovative technologies that can help protect victims of gender violence and improve detection and prevention methods in the future.

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