Solar Party: A Spectacular Celebration in Wow in the World

Solar Eclipse Party: Turning Science into Wow Moments with Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas

Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, the renowned podcast pioneers and New York Times bestselling book authors, are preparing for a special episode on the Wow in the World podcast. This episode, titled “The Great Solar Eclipse Party,” will be all about the science behind this rare event.

In this episode, Guy and Mindy will delve into the basic physics behind the solar eclipse and discuss why and where it’s happening. They will also explore the concept of ‘the path of totality,’ explaining what it is and how to observe it safely. The importance of eye protection during a solar eclipse will also be discussed, including the science behind mylar lenses.

To make this episode even more exciting, listeners can expect a sing-along to the hit song “Eclipse Party” from “Moon 5,” capturing the cosmic wonder of this unique event. This fun and engaging approach to science is sure to inspire hope, empowerment, and awe in children as they learn about the wonders of our universe.

Join Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas on their journey through science as they continue to turn learning into ‘wow’ moments for children with their engaging and interactive approach to science. Don’t miss out on this special episode celebrating the science behind one of nature’s most spectacular events!

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