Sleepless Nights and Thunderstorms in Zagreb: A Tale of Confusion and Chaos

A terrible thunderstorm hit the Zagreb area around 2 a.m. tonight, causing many a sleepless night. One Twitter user wrote: “What an apocalypse this is” while another added that he did not expect that thunder would wake him up at 3 in the morning.

It’s two hours after midnight and I was woken up by a terrible thunder, one Facebook user wrote, adding that at the first moment in pitch darkness he thought it was an earthquake. The announced change in weather and cyclones moved over our area and brought us thunder with strong shocks, said Dunja Plačko Vršnak from DHMZ in Good morning, Croatia, this weather is adequate for the time of year.

The strength of the thunder was also evident from the EMSC tweet as many people thought it was an earthquake. It shook and a strong sound was heard in the northern part of Zagreb, wrote one of the many users of EMSC. Another user added: “Rumbling slightly shaking”.

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