Slavonian Workers Form Union Following Unfair Labor Practices

A major protest is being organized in opposition to the strict measures being taken due to the African swine fever epidemic. The demonstration is set to take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Retkovci, and all farmers, livestock farmers, and citizens are invited to participate. The goal of the protest is to save the Croatian countryside and demands include an immediate end to the euthanasia of healthy pigs and the passing of a law that allows for the circulation and slaughter of healthy pigs.

However, a controversy has emerged due to the recent appointment of Duško Pavlik as President of the Trade Union. Pavlik was mentioned in a criminal report from September this year for transporting pigs in violation of the ban within the restriction zone, which some believe contributed to the spread of African swine fever in the area causing damage to pig farmers and state finances.

Despite these concerns, Pavlik was presented as head of new union at a press conference when asked about criminal complaint Tomislav Pokrovac from Stožer for defense of Croatian countryside expressed disinterest and denied allegations while Ministry of Agriculture emphasized on serious consequences even one infected pig can cause and measures programs put in place for farmers compensation.

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