Concerned Denver Business Owner Fears Impact of Aurora Homeless Shelter on Her Asian Restaurant

Single Mother Starts Successful Business in Denver, Worries about Government’s Homeless Shelter Project: Implications for Her Future

Jill Chen, a single mother of three who moved to Denver from China and became a U.S. citizen 10 years ago, started her own business, Zume Asian Cuisine near Chambers Road and Interstate 70. She started the business to support her family and emphasized its importance to her.

Chen’s restaurant has been successful due in large part to the supportive and kind people in the community it is located in. Her customers love coming in for a succulent Chinese meal, and she credits their success to the community’s kindness.

Recently, Chen learned that the City of Aurora had bought the Crowne Plaza Hotel across the street to build a shelter for the homeless. While she initially thought it was a great idea, she began worrying about how it might affect her livelihood as she spent time thinking about it. She realized that if the government didn’t help her out, she might not be able to run her restaurant in that area anymore.

The City of Aurora has stated that they will work with residents and business owners near the site to create good neighbor plans while emphasizing that outreach about the project has been ongoing. However, Chen remains anxious about the potential negative impact on her business.

In an effort to prevent this potential negative impact or closure of her business, Chen has expressed hope for government assistance. Despite acknowledging that if no help is provided by the government then she may not be able to run her restaurant in that location anymore.

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