Severe Cable Car Damage Halts Skiing at Sljem Red Spus for 2021

The Trosjed cable car on Crveni spust sustained significant damage during a July storm, leaving many skiing enthusiasts disappointed. Experts from the Austrian company Doppelmayr assessed the damage and concluded that it was beyond repair. This means that the Crveni spust will not be operational for skiing this year.

However, preparations for the ski season are underway on other slopes in Zagreb. Officials from the City of Zagreb have completed preparatory work on the White and Green slopes, and snowmaking will soon begin to prepare for the upcoming season. Additionally, plans for the procurement of a new cable car for the Red Slope are in progress.

In summary, while the Trosjed cable car is out of commission due to damage sustained during a July storm, preparations for the ski season are moving forward on other slopes in Zagreb. The White and Green slopes are ready to host skiers this winter, and plans are being made to replace the damaged cable car on the Red Slope with a new one.

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