Serbia is the Most Dreaded Opponent for England in Group Stage, Despite Desire to Face Them: ‘That Would be the Most Challenging Draw for Us’

England was unable to secure a win against North Macedonia last night, but this did not deter them from their confidence in qualifying for the European Championship. Despite losing only four points in the qualifiers, they are confident that they will perform well in the tournament. The English media is already speculating on who they would like to see in their group and who they would prefer to avoid.

On SkySports, there has been much discussion about the ideal group for England’s national team. While nothing has been finalized yet, it is possible that England could be drawn with Albania, Slovenia, and Serbia. These three teams are considered to be weaker than England and could provide them with an advantageous draw.

However, SkySports also revealed which teams England would least want to face in their group: Denmark, the Netherlands, and Croatia. While these teams are stronger than some of the other options, Croatia poses a particular challenge for England as they were in the same group together at the last European Championship and England emerged victorious 1-0. If Croatia wins tonight against Armenia and goes through additional qualifications, they have a chance of finishing in a stronger group than expected.

The final draw for the European Championship will take place on December 2nd, so fans will have to wait until then to find out which teams will be competing against each other. However, one thing is clear: England is determined to make it into the tournament and showcase their skills against some of Europe’s best teams.

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