Lukashenko goes against Putin, claims terrorists escaping to Belarus

Russian FSB Head Blames Ukraine and West for Moscow Attack with Little Evidence

Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, the Russian security service, has accused Ukrainian and Western secret services of facilitating the attack in Moscow last Friday that resulted in 139 deaths and was claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State. However, Ukraine has denied any involvement in the attack and dismissed Russia’s accusations as lies.

President Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, challenged Russia’s narrative by stating that the terrorists initially tried to flee to Belarus, not Ukraine. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, but both Vladimir Putin and his government continue to point fingers at Ukraine and the West. Putin claims that Ukraine provided a “window” for the attackers to cross the border despite being highly guarded due to its proximity to a war zone.

Bortnikov reiterated his belief in an international conspiracy against Russia and stated that he believes that radical Islamists with assistance from Western and Ukrainian special services orchestrated this attack. Despite these claims, no evidence has been provided to support them. The FSB head also mentioned that they have yet to determine who ordered this attack.

These comments made by Patrushev and Bortnikov reflect Kremlin’s narrative aimed at justifying potential escalations in war in Ukraine. With eight suspects now in preventive prison and a Kyrgyz-born man possibly involved in mass shooting tensions between Russia and Ukraine are continuing to escalate. The Russian regime appears determined to assert its influence over Ukraine potentially leading further conflict.

It is important for both sides of this conflict to come together and work towards finding a peaceful solution rather than engaging in any form of violence or aggression towards each other. It is crucial that all parties involved provide evidence supporting their claims rather than making accusations without any proof.

In conclusion, it is essential for all parties involved in this conflict to come together with an open mindset towards finding a peaceful solution rather than engaging in any form of violence or aggression towards each other. The evidence should be presented before making any accusations against one another.

It is also important for international organizations like UN Security Council should intervene at this stage of time providing their help diplomatically as well as militarily if necessary.

Lastly, it is crucial for us as journalists to report on facts only rather than giving our own opinions or biases which can lead people astray from reality and create more confusion among readers/viewers.

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