After three months of silence, liaison table reiterates demand for extension of rule increasing credit costs for producers

Rural Leaders Urge Meeting with BCRA President to Address Increased Credit Costs and Risks in Agriculture

The liaison table has once again requested a meeting with the president of the Central Bank (BCRA) to discuss the increase in credit costs for producers and the risks posed by food imports. This request comes after a gathering between rural leaders who reiterated their demand for a meeting with BCRA president Santiago Bausili. They were unhappy with the lack of response to their previous requests, particularly regarding rates affecting wheat and soybean producers.

Rural leaders also raised concerns about the potential negative impact of food imports on local producers if equal conditions were not maintained. Additionally, they highlighted the detrimental effects of excessive tax increases and new fees imposed in various districts across the country, which contribute to the already high tax burden faced by producers. They urged national, provincial, and municipal legislators to reconsider these tax policies and prioritize measures that support production and economic growth.

The liaison table emphasized the urgent need for fiscal measures to alleviate financial strain on producers and promote a more favorable environment for agricultural activities. Furthermore, they expressed concern over the high cost of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines at the beginning of the vaccination campaign. The liaison table announced a consultation period within their entities to gather feedback on vaccine costs, underscoring its importance in safeguarding livestock health and supporting agriculture.

In summary, rural leaders have renewed their call for a hearing from BCRA president Santiago Bausili regarding credit costs for producers and risks posed by food imports. They also highlighted concerns about taxes imposed on farmers, which contribute to their production costs, as well as the high cost of vaccines during a vaccination campaign.

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