Quonset Business Park Exceeds 14,000 Job Milestone

Rhode Island’s Quonset Business Park Exceeds Job Creation Goal, thanks to Strategic Investments and Upgrades at Port of Davisville.

Rhode Island’s Quonset Business Park has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 14,000 jobs and exceeding the goal of 13,000 jobs that was set just 15 months ago. Governor Dan McKee praised the park as a key driver of economic activity and job growth in Rhode Island, attributing its success to strategic investments that attract new companies and generate employment opportunities for local residents.

The Quonset Development Corporation attributes the growth in job numbers to upgrades and expansion at the Port of Davisville, which will help preserve 1,600 existing jobs. Additionally, plans to invest in the Port of Davisville expansion, upgrades, and the wind farm cable project are expected to create hundreds of new jobs in Rhode Island and Connecticut, further boosting economic growth in the region.

House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi described Quonset Business Park as a vibrant economic center and commended its leadership for achieving the milestone of 14,000 jobs. The Senate President Dominick Ruggerio also expressed support for the park’s rapid expansion, highlighting its reputation as one of the top Business Parks in the nation.

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