Astros fans should anticipate shorter wait times and potential challenges with new ticketing technology

Revolutionizing the Fan Experience: Houston Astros’ Facial Recognition Spring Training Program for 2024 Season

The Houston Astros’ Spring training came to a close on Sunday, and the excitement for the 2024 season is already building. With high demand for tickets, fans can expect big crowds for the first series of the season. However, there is a new program that may offer a way around the long lines.

Last year in Philadelphia, a pilot program was launched to test out using facial recognition software to connect a fan’s face with their purchased tickets. A quick face scan is all that is needed for fans to enter and enjoy the game. The pilot program was successful enough to expand the technology’s use to Astros’ home games starting in 2024.

The new system is voluntary, but fans who opt in using the MLB Ballpark App can go through the “Go-Ahead Entry” line, where scanners will recognize their face and allow them entry if they have purchased tickets to the game. This is a convenient alternative to waiting in line for attendants to scan QR codes and track each person in a party.

Despite the benefits, there are potential issues with facial recognition technology. It is not foolproof, and there may be technological glitches that could cause problems with entry or other issues. Houston’s preparedness for any potential hiccups will determine the success of the new system. If they have the resources to handle any potential glitches and can pivot to traditional ticketing options if needed, the system will likely run smoothly. However, if there are frequent glitches or the team is unprepared, it could become more of a nuisance than a convenience for fans who just want to enjoy their favorite team’s first series of the season without standing in long lines.

Overall, this new program aims to streamline ticket entry by using facial recognition technology instead of traditional methods such as scanning QR codes or manually checking tickets at each entrance point.

With this technology being voluntary but beneficial for those who opt-in using MLB Ballpark App it could attract more people towards it as an easy way out from waiting in long lines.

Fans should also be aware of this new program and its benefits so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want

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